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My Uncle left me with a will of an estate. After he and his wife died my solicitor ask me proof as being the next of kin, why ?

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My uncle left me with a will for an estate . He died 9 years back. Last week , his wife passed away. They don't have children. My solicitor says that the fact that I was appointed under my Uncle's Will as his heir does not mean that I would be under my aunt's Will , if she has one. If she does not, then it is only the next of kin who will be the Administrator. Is that you? If so, please confirm this by way of a family tree.

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    You need to speak with a probate attorney to determine how to proceed. What you are being told is that you may be entitled to your uncle's estate, but part of that likely went to your aunt. If she left a will it will go to who she stated in the will, if she did not, it will go to her heirs. A quick read of your uncle's will can at least get you answers regarding whether you are entitled to some of what is left now that your aunt past. A further discussion about what other family members survived your aunt could help determine if you get more or all. It is in your best interest to speak with an attorney and many will review the will and discuss this with you at no charge by providing a free consultation.

  2. You have a lawyer? So you should consult with your lawyer for specifics. If you received nothing from your uncle from 9 years ago that *probably* means everything went to his wife. If everything went to his wife she can do whatever she likes with her property. You may or may not be named in her will, if she has one. If she does not have one, under the laws of intestacy (what controls when there is no will) there is a tree of who gets what - generally if there are no descendents or ancestors, it would go to siblings of the deceased and then children of the siblings (nieces/nephews).

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  3. Work with your lawyer and provide him the information. Edward C. Ip

    No attorney / client relationship established. The answr is for discussion and general information only. The lawyer had not reviewed any documents or contract prior to the above comments.

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