My ttd payments have been suspended. what should i do?

Asked over 1 year ago - Vernal, UT

the comp adjuster says they suspended my payments because my doctor had not recently sent them anything saying i was still unable to return to work (which i could not return to that job anyway because i was terminated for being injured and unable to work) however my doctor has not sent them anything saying i am cleared to work. so the last time my dr sent them something it was saying i was unable to work. i ended up having to move out of state and im still waiting to see a new doctor. what can i do to get my payments coming in again? and can they suspend my payments without having something from my doctor saying that i am cleared to go back to work?

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  1. Charles Joseph Michael Candiano


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    Answered . Most states require that a doctor confirm your restrictions. It has NOTHING to do with whether you are fired if the doctor is keeping you off-work. Once you are released with restrictions, it is another matter. You really would be better off with an experienced WC attorney from the jurisdiction where you were injured handling the claim. Good luck.

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  2. James Mitchell Hoffmann

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    Answered . In Missouri, the worker's compensation insurer has a legal obligation to continie providing medical care for your injury even if you move out of state. It is very frustrating when you weekly checks are cut off because the dr hired by the WC insurer doesn't send a written report. The conduct of the WC insurer in this situation is nothing less than fraud. First, in Missouri, the doctors and and WC adjsutors talk on the phone all the time. And second, as you pointed out, the dr did not release you to work. Report the WC conduct immediately to your state's fraud division. Also, send letter after lettter to the WC adjustor demanding your pay; asking for the carrier's basis for refusing to pay; asking them to call the dr's office: lay it on thick!

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  3. Bobby L. Bollinger Jr.


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    Answered . At this point you seem to need a good workers' comp lawyer. You can use AVVO to begin your search.

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  4. David J. McCormick

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    Answered . You need to talk with a worker’s comp. attorney in the state where you were first injured ASAP.

    Good luck.

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