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My ticket is not in the system, so what should I do now?

Downey, CA |

I got my ticket on 6/4/10. I did not receive my ticket in the mail and I couldn't find it in the online system either. My due date is 8/25/10, so I decided to go to court, and they still couldn't find my ticket on their system.

They told me that I have to wait for a year in order to get my ticket dismissed. So, they just issued me a proof of appearance and asked me to come back next month to get another one if I still haven't received my ticket. Not only that, I have to check online on a weekly basis and keep doing the proof of appearance monthly. I think this is totally unreasonable.

Also, another problem is I will move outside of the country for a year next January. So, I cannot do the proof of appearance after that.

Any suggestions?

BTW, this ticket is for violating the basic speed law (school zone). The officer gave me the "Notice to Appear" on 6/4/10. I should have received the ticket along with the bail amount in the mail, which I never did. Plus, the ticket is not in the system. I have no intention to appeal or anything. I just want to pay for the ticket and go to the traffic school, if possible. But, since they cannot find my ticket in the system, there is nothing I can do but wait.

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Do what you've been instructed, and keep a record of your contacts with the court. If the charge has not appeared by January, check with the court upon your return. If your ticket has made its way into court during your absence, the court will likely issue a civil assessment fee of $300 for the failure to appear. Ask to have that vacated when you're eventually able to address the issue, assuming it arises.


Sorry to hear about your situation and the annoyance you have to endure!

If you must leave the country and therefore cannot appear in court, you can hire an attorney to make appearances on your behalf.


The responses given are correct. Fortunately, while you are away you can still check online to see if it ever hits the system. I would have an attorney on call in the event something should happen while you are away.

I am somewhat confused with your statement that "you received a ticket on 6/4/10- but did not receive it in the mail". What kind of ticket was this for?

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