My ticket is a municipal offense for retail theft how can I get to do community serivice as my first offense?

Asked over 1 year ago - Chicago Heights, IL

I know I need to pay for my mistatkes and I own up to it. Is it possible to do community serivice for this municipal offense?

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  1. Michael David Elkin


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    Answered . You should speak to lawyer, perhaps he can get you to pay a larger fine and amend the violation to something else.

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  2. Gerald William Napleton

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    Answered . It's certainly possible but it will depend on the facts and the prosecutor. I would recommend hiring an attorney to fight this for you and work toward getting you the best outcome possible.

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  3. Judy A. Goldstein

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    Answered . Community service is a possibility depending upon the village/city. Sometimes a fine is imposed in addition to, or instead of, cs. Make sure if there is a fine that it is ordered by the judge and is not a civil demand for which you are not responsible. Please read:

    There is a law in the state of Illinois which allows for civil action collection when there is a retail theft. Most people choose to ignore the demand. This demand is for money over and above any fine you pay in compliance with a court order. People may get a few more letters, each time asking for more, and then they stop. While the retailer can sue you, it is extremely rare for anyone to actually be sued. You do not owe any money unless you are sued and the retailer wins. This is a common ploy. Do not pay. If you do, you will be in the national retailers database which could affect your ability to get a job and could impact your life in other ways. If you are uncomfortable, hire a lawyer and have the lawyer write a letter. That should be the end of it.

    Here is a good article:

    The National Retail Theft Database is actually a voluntary list put together by different individual retailers. Further, any member that published the information on the list, can thereafter, remove it. Therefore, if you wish to have the entry removed, as you apparently do, your best bet would be to write a letter to the manager of the particular store and inquire as to what it would take for them to remove the entry.

    Please go to this link:

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