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My storage unit lost all my belongings!

Newark, NJ |

i was evicted july 25th as stated in my eviction notice that everything I couldn't take and left behind would be put into a storage unit and paid for the first month. On July 24th the sherriff came n said the same. 2 weeks later when I was settled in my new place I called the lawyers to the bank for the name of the storage facility and gave me the number to call. I called and gave them my name and the address everything was moved from and the woman said shell call me back in the call. called back 3 days later and the woman said my things were to be delivered and I said how I didn't give you my new address? Then she gave me a random address not in Nj & said someone (I don't even know) gave them that adress.. they suposed call me back its been 2 weeks they lost ALLL my belongings

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you need to speak to an attorney. you have rights that may have been violated; your landlord and this storage facility may be liable to you for damages.

The foregoing is not legal advice, and nothing in the foregoing shall be deemed to create an attorney client relationship. If you feel you need to speak with an attorney regarding your issue, it is recommended that you contact an attorney with expertise in your area of inquiry. The information related above is purely for informational purposes, and should not be acted upon without speaking with qualified counsel familiar with you specific situation and the laws related thereto.


You would have to file a lawsuit against the storage facility. You will have to prove your damages, which means proving everything that was in the storage facility and the value of the items.

Attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship. There are always specific facts that are important for an attorney to review before providing advice to a Client. In no way should you rely on the response provided herein to conduct your legal affairs on your own. You should always hire an attorney before you rely on advice provided.

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