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My stepmother put a no contest indemnity clause in her trust agreement . . . is that legal in Florida

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mi now in litigation my stepsister is trying to sue the trustee of the estate . . . . can the " scotched earth " clause be enforced in Florida . . if so what is the statue # under trust law in Florida

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Supposedly unenforceable for trusts created after 10/1/1993.

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This is called an "in terrorem" clause and, in Florida, is unenforceable in both wills and trusts as being against public policy. The Florida Probate Code, at section 732.517, and Florida Trust Code, at section §736.1108. (Penalty clause for contest).

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Are you a party to the litigation? If so, you need to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

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That clause is unenforceable under Florida law.

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Unenforceable and the trust might be able to recover fees against the sueing party.

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Unenforceable. You should retain a Florida lawyer.

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Florida law does not recognize no contest clauses in Wills and Trusts. Occasionally, these documents should be contested - specifically if they were established under duress or undue influence.

The information included in my answer is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice other than the advice to retain counsel to fully assess your rights under the trust instrument.

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