My spouse is asking for copies of my pay stub, w-2, tax return, investmt/retirement statements. Do I have to give them to her?

Asked over 2 years ago - Marysville, OH

She has her own attorney. I have not received any formal requests for this information.

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  1. Brian Scott Piper

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    Answered . As noted by the other attorney, it is unclear whether you are in litigation or not. For the purpose of this site, I will assume that a divorce is pending. If that is the case, then these items, and considerably more, are properly the subject of a "request for discovery". Often, this information is exchanged informally because the parties understand that it can be compelled by court order. However, the technical answer is that until you receive a formal request for discovery, you are under no duty to provide this information. If, after you receive the formal request, you fail to provide the requested material, you could face sanctions. Some information that is requested is properly refused based upon privilege or another rule of evidence. These issues can become quite complex. It is for this reason that you should have an attorney represent you. Only then will you know whether you must comply or not with the requests made - and you can return similar requests to her so that you have all the facts as well.

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  2. Dana Whitney Atchley

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    Answered . That all depends on why she's asking for them. Are you two separating or divorcing? Do you have your own attorney? Unfortunately, without knowing more about your situation - please don't post any private or confidential information, however - I don't think any of us here can give you any sort of an answer to your question.

  3. Cindy Bassett

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    Answered . If you are involved in a suit against your spouse, you do not have to turn those receipts over until you receive a formal discovery request. However, I add that, if she is seeking her attorney's fees AND the judge orders it, you could end up paying for that formal discovery request.

    If you have an attorney, ask if he or she will try to talk to the other attorney and handle discovery informally.

    I hope you do have an attorney.

    Good luck.

  4. Jeffrey Anton Collins

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    Answered . It sounds like you need to hire your own counsel. This Avvo forum is only good for general questions. This is not a general question.

    So good luck!

    You may contact Attorney Jeff Collins directly at, or 866-340-5055, for more specific... more

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