My spouse dumped me in July 2011 and we have ceased living as husband and wife after that.

He abandoned me emotionally, sexually and financially. We remain in the same apartment as roommates because I do not have the financial resource to move out on my own. Despite dumping me, my spouse has never filed for divorce, though we are now living two separate lives. Therefore, I am filing for divorce. I am in need of financial support but communication between us is literally non existent so I know there is no way we will reach a settlement agreement. I want this to be over with but there is absolutely no way I can afford a lawyer. What are my legal options?

Morrisville, PA -

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Deborah B Miller

Deborah B Miller

Family Law Attorney - Plymouth Meeting, PA

You can file for spousal support without a divorce complaint, or for alimony pendente lite--assistance during the pendency of your divorce proceedings as part of the divorce complaint. You can also include a request for other financial rights, such as equitable distribution of debts and assets, and alimony in the divorce complaint. Before taking any of these steps, however, you must consult with an attorney.

Thomas Martin Bluestein

Thomas Martin Bluestein

Family Law Attorney - Newtown, PA

I would recommend calling Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania to see if they can assist you. Their intake number is: (877) 429-5994, and they are there to answer calls from 9am-1 p.m. Monday-Friday. They might be able to help you depending on your income level, or at the least, recommend someone who could help out.

Best of luck

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