My spouse and I have a temporary order in place in collin county, we would like to break our contracts with our attorney's

Is there a requirement to inform court of dropping our attornies. Their signatures are on the temp order. In addition, we would like to make a change to the temp order. It currently states that we are order to attend mediation with so and so by a date in July which we would like to skip since we are attending marriage therapy.

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Mark Anthony Cohan

Mark Anthony Cohan

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Dallas, TX

The attorneys will file the orders to withdraw. If you two can draft a temporary order and agree to it and file it with the court, you should be fine.

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James D. Roark

James D. Roark

Family Law Attorney - Houston, TX

You should notify the attorneys formally, in writing, with some record that you did (fax receipt, certified mail, etc.) that you are terminating their services. Request a motion to withdraw that you can sign off on. You do not want them spending any unintended time on your case and they will remain your attorney of record until the motion is signed by the judge. Further, request a date certain that you can get your file from their office.

Jacqueline R. Kriebel

Jacqueline R. Kriebel

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

You either retain new counsel who can file a motion for substitution of counsel or you can ask your attorneys to withdraw from the case, which requires them to file a motion to withdraw.

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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