My spouse, her boss and her co-workers are harassing me and tearing my marriage apart.

Asked about 1 year ago - Sacramento, CA

I am in a same sex marriage of 7 years and am married to a traveling welder and have recently found happenings and truths to my past with this woman. I have logged into her accounts online and have seen an exchange of sexual talk between the boss and her and have gotten into numerous fights with men and women who cheat on their wives or husbands while traveling and is known for them buying hookers to service them at the motel that the job provides. These people all drink very heavily every day when the shift is over and stand around exchanging sexual talk of nasty jokes or what they did to the hooker that they bought for the night, it's disgusting and I have been witness to this behavior myself with my own eyes and ears. Whoever I confront about this matter and including my wife, deny

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    Answered . Not an immigration question. Removed the category.

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    Answered . Perhaps you should consult with a family law attorney regarding this.

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    Answered . I am sure that this situation is very painful and destabilizing for you. Unfortunately the law cannot be of much utility in solving the specific problems presented by these facts. You may want to end the marriage, or separate and pursue relationship counseling.

    Your spouse may yet find herself ensnared by criminal allegations regarding the use of prostitutes. And her employer has potential liabilities, of course, but not liabilities that can be asserted by you.

    Give some serious thought, perhaps relying on assistance by a skilled and experienced counselor or therapist, to how you choose to resolve these problems. Your options seem very limited, but we all always have the choice to stop accepting the unacceptable. In all events, take care of yourself.

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    Answered . What's your question? Can't respond unless I know why you posted this.

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