My sons paternal grandparents are taking me to court for visiting rights after over 3 yrs of having nocontact. will they win?

the father of my son has no visiting rights and has not had contact with my son in over a year

Youngstown, OH -

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Heather Renee Dyer Johnston

Heather Renee Dyer Johnston

Family Law Attorney - Peninsula, OH

If you have concerns, you need to adequately address them. That can be hard to do without a lawyer. Your child also has the right to be "heard" via a guardian ad litem. This person is selected by the court (usually lawyers, social workers or psychologist) to investigate and advocate for your child. Both sides will be forced to pay the GALs fees. Also, you will need to consider the child's father's position in the matter. If you can afford it, it is best to have representation. Best wishes!

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Christopher Lee Beck

Christopher Lee Beck

Criminal Defense Attorney - Beavercreek, OH

Ohio has made it increasingly easier for grandparents to get visitation with the grandchildren. You may lose especially if you don't hire an attorney to contest the issue. I suggest hiring a good local family law attorney who can help you.

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