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My sons court appointed private defense attys first response is that he looked like he raped her, which didn't go over well, he

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My sons court appointed private defense attys first response is that he looked like he raped her, which didn't go over well, he is completely innocent. She sent a email to him warning him that the worst is yet to come, then the next day she follows through. He seems to be our enemy also, we even provided him texts that his girlfriends sent to us demanding money if we don't meet her she will cause more trouble for my son. She actually did and the prosecutor files more felony charges just on her word the this women prosecutor. She is also on some panel for DV to help women. Should we try to get rid of him

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  1. If you can afford a private lawyer, get one. If not, it appears this lawyer is not on your son's side and doesnt' have his interests in mind. Assuming your facts are correct, if you have financial demands from the victim, that's great evidence. You should find a private attorney to represent your son, even if it costs a lot, this is a serious case with obvious defenses. And DO NOT try to contact the victim at all, let your attorney handle that.

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  2. Yes. You need privately hired counsel.

  3. Attorneys' opinions differ. I suggest that you get a few other attorneys' opinions re: facts of your son's case.

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  4. Many appointed lawyers are simply trying to lower expectations because they don't want to work too hard on the case. Sex cases are difficult. i've handled MANY of them. They need to be worked. And while we all hear from clients that they are innocent and sometimes they are not, the attorney should not be giving you the opinion that he isn't willing to go to the mat for you. Fire the guy if you can afford to, and get the best lawyer you can afford. Call me and I'm happy to talk to you about the case.

  5. Many attorneys offer free consultations and even payment plans. Take advantage of free consultations to learn more about the charges and the judicial system.

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