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My son was taken three weeks ago i was under the influence of a controlled substance.

Ukiah, CA |

what are the chances of him coming home at my six month review if im staying clean doing my parenting class and have housing? also my attourney said to plead guilty to drug use will that give them grounds to terminate my parental rights?

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Well, without knowing more facts about your particular situation, and given that your son has been removed, it seems, I would definitely make it your life goal to remain clean and sober. I would do so, not just for these next six months, but, indefinitely. Also, in CPS cases, there is a way to accept the services offered to you by the County in Juvenile Court (I'm assuming we are talking about a child removal and Juvy Court), but not yet submit to the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. In other words, in laymen's language, you can accept the services they offer (counseling, therapy, reconciliation services, etc.) without having to say you are guilty, just to receive those services. A Dependency Attorney can explain this in more detail, if you are not sure about this advice. Remember, in Juvenile Court you can try to settle the matter with the County right away. You can ask for a trial (if it's worth it), right away. Or, you can just accept the services they offer, but still contest jurisdiction (the Court's power over you) and set the matter for a trial anyway. If you are accepting the services they offer, and still don't submit to the Court's jurisdiction, they cannot use the fact that you accepted services from the County against you, later. Hope that makes sense to you.

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