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My son was in a bar and a fight broke out. My son was hit on the side of his face with a piece of flying broken glass.

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My son was in a bar and a fight broke out. My son was hit on the side of his face with a piece of flying broken glass. The bar manager offered him free drinks etc., as he was bleeding down his face. My son calls the police who came and wrote a report and suggest that he be seen in the emergency room. My son goes to the emergency room and has his face glued shut and a tetanus shot. The bill for the hospital was $1430.00, he missed 2 days of work and his clothing and shoes were ruined.
I sent the owner a certified letter asking for compensation. The letter was returned and the mail carrier said that they do not accept mail at the bar. Hmm. I look on the internet and find an email address and forward the letter there. A couple of days later the owner replies to the email and says to call him. I called him and he was very nice and said no problem that he would send a check out by Friday. The check never came so I text him. He stated twice in the two different texts that the check was being sent (I have copies of the text).....the check never came and I kept texting him asking him where it was. He then replies to contact his insurance company. I did that and gave them the info and they denied the claimed. I send him another text saying that if this isn't settled by Friday that I was going to take him to court. He replied with, "have your lawyer contact the insurance company".....what?? The claim was denied! I am done playing games with him as it has now been 2 months and I have received 2nd notices on the hospital bills. My son has a permanent scar on his face and he now gets headaches. Is this something to sue him over to get the money or should we just file at the local district court? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You may have a case depending on some of the details of the fight and how it happened. There are plenty of attorneys that you can find right here on AVVO. You should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney for more options. Good luck


You have a case. Consult with an attorney. I just answered you on the other site as well

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Thank you for answering on both! :)

Thomas Kenny

Thomas Kenny


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I agree with my colleagues: your son likely has a case. He should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. Don't expect a fast result though... these cases usually take months and years rather than days and weeks.


Your son should consult with a personal injury attorney, depending on his injury he might be eligible to receive pain & suffering damages in addition to the medical bills. The owner of the bar might be responsible on a number of different theories: 1) inadequate security 2) dram shop liability (i.e. serving too much alcohol)

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Insurance companies aren't the richest companies in America with their names on all the major skyscrapers because they like to pay out claims. Always best to retain a personal injury in a situation like this.


The answer is simple. You need legal representation. Call a lawyer. Depending upon the facts, your son may be entitled to substantial compensation in addition to the payment of any medical bills and lost earnings. My firm has handled many similar cases. 215-665-1100

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