My son was at school and pulled out of class to receive his ticket from the police (maybedetective) He got asked questions(case)

Asked about 2 years ago - Glendora, CA

I wasn't informed that my son was being asked questions ( the cop never told him he could reach me or my lawyer ) the cop asked a counselor if they wanted to sit in the room when they asked him questions he said "no" . Can the cop ask him questions he is 16 . Being accused of touching his half sister.

Additional information

He never was arrested

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  1. Macy Michelle Jaggers


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    Answered . Yes he can be questioned without you or without you being informed. He needs an attorney immediately. For future reference, he needs to know that he must ask for an attorney when the police try to question him. Not his parents, not anyone else. Even if one of his parents is an attorney. He should not make any more statements to the police.

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  2. Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

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    Answered . Hiring an attorney for the son is the only effective way of controlling the case. Otherwise, they would approach him anytime and pressure him with questions. Most adults cannot withstand the pressure to engage the police, let alone a 16 year old. The 16 year old needs to have a personal attorney that he can rely upon and who will guide him. This type of charge can be DEBILITATING and life-ruining. Hire an attorney for him now to help prevent consequences which may follow him for LIFE!!!

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  3. Stephanie Michelle Arrache

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    Answered . Cops do that on purpose- question people when they can catch them off guard and unaware. You cannot request to be there and cannot invoke 5th Amendment protections on his behalf. Your son needs to know that the first thing he should do is ask for an attorney. The cops will try to get him to discuss things. He needs to say nothing other than "I want my attorney". He should not engage with officers, and not even deny allegations. All he needs to say is "I want my attorney". Now, you need to get him an attorney as soon as possible. At 16, he has his whole life ahead of him. These charges could ruin his life if not handled correctly. You need to get him an attorney he feels comfortable with so he can discuss the case openly with that person. Do not discuss the facts on this or any other public forum. Good luck!

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