My son was arrested by a psp trooper going a very high speed in the city. i am a retired officer Phila.,officer/detective

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I now work in a county jail. I always advised my son on how to deal with the police. Be respectful,cooperative, but no statements as I know it can never help anybody but the police. When the trooper asked my son he asked to call his retired cop father or a lawyer. The trooper as lawfully correct but knowing the repercussions did not let the kid call me. He may have saved a life and i should thank the trooper but most cops would let the kid call his cop father, (my only problem with all this) To get to my questions i know he has 3 days to 6 months mandatory jail time, loss of license for a year. Should he go to rehab asap, or should he wait and try to do his time in rehab and did he immediately lose his license when he refused ( still has physical license) any chance to get time in rehab?

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As any father would say he is a good kid. Every male in my side of the family alcoholic including myself (now sober) and also on ex-wives side. I work in a nice, safe county jail and my kid could get thru without any help, but unlike me he grew up in a nice suburb since he was 9. he is going to have problems in philadelphia. Believe me i talk to inmates who have been in phila. jails and he has everything going against him. I would love for the kid to be able to do his time in rehab. I know the better (highest paid) lawyer the better the disposition., That is a fact in Phila. probably everywhere. I forgot my main question. How long for a dui disposition in phila., thank you for your time.

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  1. Zachary Cooper

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    Answered . I agree with you that it would have been nice if the Trooper allowed your son to give you call. Unfortunately many law enforcement officers fo not do that nor do they have to. As far as your son's case is concerned everything will depend on what number DUI this is for him. If this is his first DUI there is a very good chance he would not have to do any jail time and his license suspension would be 1-3 months rather than a year. In addition, there may be factors with his case that can be challenge in court and possibly have his charges reduced or dismissed. This is why you want to make sure you contact a DUI attorney and have them review everything to make sure things are handled correctly. As far as the rehab, if your son feels that he needs the rehab I would never tell anyone they shouldn't do that. Just doing rehab to help your case may not always work. A qualified DUI attorney will be able to further assist you on when and if to do Rehab and more inportantly what type of rehab to do.

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    Answered . To answer your questions: 1) Your son could be given credit towards jail time for any time in an in-patient treatment facility; 2) The Commonwealth generally has up to six months to get the case to trial but, there are exceptions.

    Regardless, you should contact an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately. There are many ways to beat a DUI case. Additionally, ARD might be an option for your son that would keep him out of jail and reduce any license suspension. However, I need to know more facts to advise your son about all of his options.

    Very Truly Yours,

    L. Kenneth Chotiner, LL.M.

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  3. Michael Lawrence Doyle


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    Answered . He may be able to get into ARD depending upon his prior record. This would prevent jail time and does not entail a conviction. In terms of rehab, I am uncertain of his prior history with alcohol. The issue regarding whether he should go now seems to be something that is very dependent upon whether he is ready or not. If he is an alcoholic and is not ready for rehab, he will not take it very seriously and it will not help.

    Michael L. Doyle
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