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My son was arrested and he went to court 2 of his 4 charges were dropped will his bail stay the same?

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he had 2 felonies and 2 misdemeamors. the 2 original felonies( transporting ,and sales) were dropped then a felony of under the influence was added along wjth a mjsdememeanor of possession and paraphernalia

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He needs an attorney to represent him which will include a motion for bail reduction. It may or may not be successful. It really depends on the facts of his case as to what an attorney can do for him.


Anything could happen to his bail amount. The judge might raise it, lower it, or leave it as is. This sounds like a serious case. You should consider retaining an attorney to help your son.

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Most likely if the two felonies were drop the bail amount should be lower. As a former Deputy District Attorney, I know that a transportation charge and a sales charge usually are filed on the same complaint based on the same controlled substance and the bail amount is originally set by adding both charges. However, if both felonies were drop and bail is not reduced, you or your son need to hire an experienced criminal attorney who is familiar with Kern County to move for a bail reduction.


It depends. It is often the case that bail is lowered where charges are dropped. But, this is not always so. A criminal defense attorney can bring a motion requesting that bail be reduced or that she be released on her own recognizance. Good luck.

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