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My son wants to join military but has misdemeanor drug charge. Can he get this charge removed so they can't see it?

Longview, TX |

He has a misd drug charge posessing less than 1g. He wants to join the Air Force but they won't take him because the conviction is drug related. What can we do to have this removed? The judge deferred it but that didn't keep it from showing up on his record.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You cannot get it removed because he received community supervision (probation) for it. You can seal it, but it will not keep it from the view of the military. They have access even to sealed records.

  2. I don't practice in TX. If it was deferred, he completed DEJ and the case was dismissed, there may be some way to get the records destroyed or sealed.

    Edward J. Blum

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