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My son's father threaten to do everything for me to get deported

Austin, TX |

I am a U.S Citizen by naturalization, and I have son whose father has never supported or visited since he was born 13 months ago. Right now my son is on medicaid and i re-opened the child support case I opened 8 months ago. My son's father is now threatened me saying that he is going to take my son away from me by doing all he can for me to get deported. How can that be possible when I never committed any crime, I obey the law, and I also server in the military with honorable discharged. So I am now confused and don't which way to go. I am know he is saying all that because of what might happen when we go to court. I live in Texas and he lives in Oklahoma. Please any advice or suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. If you are a naturalized citizen, that citizenship can only be removed for a very very narrow range of offenses. It sounds like he is trying to get you to drop the case. His threats are in violation of the Travis County Standing Order. If you can afford it, hire an attorney to represent you. Good Luck.

  2. You need to speak to an attorney. (The AG's office may be nice to you, but they are not your lawyer.

    Since you are a citizen now, his threats are hollow. However, his actions are revenant to his fitness as a father and MAY be illegal - blackmail. Give he details to a lawyer and see what they say.

    P.S. Please tell me he sent his threats in a text message or email :)

  3. If you are a citizen how can you be deported? Where would you be deported to? This doesn't make any sense. Are you leaving out something?

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  4. Your ex is being a bully. Don't put up with it. Hire a private attorney and sue your ex for all the current and back support he owes you. Or go through the attorney general - cheaper but slower.

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