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My son is taking care of his elderly grandmother, can he get paid for this? more detail below

Fremont, CA |

My son is 19 and recently moved in with is grandmother after his uncle passed away (who was taking care of her before) to to take care of her. He takes her everywhere she needs to go (Dr. apts, store etc) Makes sure she eats all meals and whatever she wants during the day. Yard work etc. Anyway, I head that he might be able to be compensated for this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any advice given. I think this site is awesome.

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I do not practice in CA, but I may offer some general advice. I think the reason no one has responded thus far is there is not enough information. Who do you expect to pay? Grandma? If you expect grandma to pay, then your son should work out an hourly wage and payment arrangements with her.

Do you expect someone else or an entity to pay? If so, who?

Good luck to you and your family!

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