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My son is charged with possession of controlled substance, Would the D.A. agree to let him go to 1 yr. resident rehab program?

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This is my son's first offense for possession of controlled substance. Could he be sent to rehab before his case goes to court?

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This is something that potentially could be negotiated for your son. However, the Blue Ridge Circuit (Cherokee County) has a felony drug court. They are more likely to desire your son to complete their program as opposed to a program outside of the court system. They are also unlikely to allow the case to be continued/delayed in order for him to complete such a program. In order to get the best result possible for your son, you should retain an attorney to negotiate for him. Call me if I can be of assistance.

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That's probably an option, but there are probably several other options too. Diversion, Drug Court, a First Offender disposition, etc... and that's assuming it's a good case for the state. If it's not, then maybe he shouldn't agree to do anything and fight the case instead.

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