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My son has been sitting in jail for almost 2 months on a charge that I feel will be thrown out but his attorney has made no

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contact with him and doesn't answer my phone calls or e-mails. Is this normal or do I need to find another attorney?

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    What is normal varies from case to case. There are only a few things an attorney can do preindictment. He can file a motion to reduce bond. He can request an examining trial, which is largely a formality but can serve some strategic purposes. He can also file a grand jury packet to try to prevent an indictment if the facts warrant it. How each case is handled depends on the specifics of each case. You need to have a sit down with the attorney you hired to get a better understanding of what's going on before you decide to hire a new lawyer.

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  2. Your son's lawyer represents your son so it is less of a concern that the lawyer has had no contact with you. If indeed there has been no contact with your son, it depends on why. Has he not been to court? Is the case set for trial in the distant future? It really depends on what is going on. However, if your son feels that he needs an update or information, he should write a letter to the lawyer and ask for the information he desires.

  3. You really need to direct this question to his attorney. His attorney needs to show due diligence in representing your so and that includes meeting with him in jail and talking with him. He might not have authority to talk to you because you are not his client.

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