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My son has an account at USAA, someone used the deposit@mobile and deposited fraudulent checks into his account, the person(s)

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The person(s) then withdrew the money immediately with what seems to be a copy of his ATM card, resulting in his bank account having a negative $10, 604. 00 balance. Because of that, they have frozen my accounts, holding my money. The bank says that we are resposible for paying this, they will not even look into the situation. This happened Thursday, we've filed a police report, called the places where the withdraws took place and I contacted several agencies, including the National Check Fraud and IC3. USAA is refusing to give us copies of any reports or documentation of the incident. Is there a way we can get these? Legally? And are we responsible for these checks and withdraws? I've found several variations in the checks and statements and USAA's policies.

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Our firm has a similar case against a different bank, and we would be interested in speaking with you about this regardless of whether you are planning to retain an attorney and take legal action. It would be very interesting to us to know how this bank is responding to obvious criminal security breaches.

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They are responding by being hostile and uncooperative. They told me it was my fault, but they have had several discrepancies in so many things from policies to security.