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My son had a dog bite case which is settling in two months he had 8 surgeries already I would like to take him away to Disney.

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He has been thru a lot I would like to do something nice for him as his father is absent I'm a single mother Am I aloud to get money when its settle to help with supporting his needs now

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    Your attorney is in the best position to answer this. Some judges and courts are more liberal about spending your son's money than others, and while I understand you intentions and desires, it is up to the Court to preserve the assets. I would discuss this with your attorney and see if the Judge will approve it. Good luck. I am sure your son deserves a nice trip, but it is up to the Court.

  2. Your question is a little bit unclear. If you are asking whether or not you can get money from the settlement in advance to help support him now, there are various legal settlement loan companies out there. I would strongly weigh this option before obtaining one of these loans, because the interest rates are very high, if you qualify at all. You should discuss these options with your attorney.

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  3. This is something your lawyer must address with the court when the proposed settlement is presented for approval. Good luck.

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  4. If your son is a minor, the money will be held in an account that is set up for him until he reaches age 18, unless there are other arrangements made to hold the money longer. You will not be able to use the money or access it without a Judge approving the use. You can try and see if a Judge will approve a family vacation to Disney World, but I doubt it. If you have an attorney right now, you should discuss your plans with the attorney.

  5. The answer is yes if you can get the court, the insurance company and all the attorneys involved to consent. The answer will be no if anyone objects. You will probably have to wait until after the two months goes by and then, after the case settles, you will still need to get the permission of the court for an expense like a vacation. Your attorney should be able to help you with this process.

  6. There is a Petition to Withdraw from minor's settlement

  7. Easy speak to his attorney.

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  8. Probably not. If he is a minor the monies would go into trust until he is 18.
    But why arent you asking his lawyer this question? I would think in such a substantial case you would have a lawyer. If not go consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately.

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  9. Probably not. This is usually not the type of thing that the Court will authorize taking money for. You should ask the attorney handling the case. I hope you are not trying to settle this case without one.

  10. You should speak to his attorney, but in my experience it is unlikely that the Court would allow this, best of luck.

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  11. That's a sweet idea, but the money is for him when he reaches 18