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My son got caught shoplifting.

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My son got caught shoplifting in Georgia at a mall. He was 17 when this happened. I didn't know about it until later after he missed his court case. When he received a notice to pay 695.00 for his violation within two weeks. He doesn't have a job nor do I have the money to give him. They said they would suspend his license, which he doesn't have and/or issue a warrant for his arrest. He is still in school and will graduate this year. I was wondering will they come and arrest him as a student in school? What alternative can he do from being locked up or paying a fine to Kohl's.

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If you don't want your son to be arrested and/or have a criminal conviction on his record that will impact him for the rest of his life then you need to hire him a lawyer immediately.

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The letter you got from kohl's is separate from missing the court date. Paying the fee to kohl's will have no effect on the criminal case. You need to get your son an attorney. This case can be taken care of, but don't let something that an experienced attorney can handle turn into something bigger than it needs to be because you don't employ counsel.

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At this point you need to hire a lawyer. Court does not work without first receiving notice. Kohl's appears to be attempting to collect a debt from your son under the guise of a shoplifting charge. It is highly likely that they have added several fees/costs onto the "bill" that they allege your son owes. However, in court, they can only receive the value of the goods he stole, and only after they prove that he actually stole them. You need to retain an attorney to handle this matter. You may be able to avoid further criminal proceedings altogether. Note that Kohl's does not have the authority to suspend any licenses. However, they can turn the case over to law enforcement who can take a warrant and arrest your son. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

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