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My son came home with injury after visiting his father in Maryland it was turned over to CPS told I need to subpoena the answers

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My 3 year old son was visiting his father for a month came back with a 2.5 cm long laceration behind his right ear I took him right to the hospital when he came home. They said the injury was several days old they couldn't tell me what they thought had happened but it wasn't from a fall. My son came home very upset not only from being away from me for a month but I knew it was something else.. I called his father while at the hospital he told me he hadn't seen then the injury asked my son and he couldn't tell me.. After a few days of being back home with me he started opening up and told me his sister had told him she was going to cut his ear off and did with a knife while daddy was sleeping if he had told me this w/o the injury I might have questioned but it fit the injury.

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  1. I am not sure what the question is here?

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  2. Not sure why you need to subpoena unless something is going on in court about this. If so, get an attorney.

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