My son, a minor, was baptised without my permission.

Asked over 3 years ago - Carrollton, TX

He went to church with a friend one evening a couple of weeks ago for a teen-oriented service. When he came home, he informed me that he got baptised (which my son knew I would be against). My issue is that my son had never before attended that church, I have never been there, so noone there knew who we are. They didn't bother to even ask him if his parents were ok with it and certainly didn't follow up with me to find out.
Do they have the right to do this when the child is a minor (14)? Is there any action I can take about it? What are my rights here and what consequences should they have to face regarding their lack of ethical practices?

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  1. Thomas James Daley


    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . Unauthorized baptism can generate considerable anxiety in the mind of the parent who believes their will was thwarted. But unless they dragged him to the baptism against his will and thereby comitted any torts such as false imprisonment, assault, or battery, you have no legal recourse. The law does not recognize baptism, so the law has no remedy for unwanted baptism.

    If you are a believer of any type, I would suggest you take your son to church, etc. with you and not let him go with others. If you are not a believer of any type, then don't let your son go to church if you think it will bring him harm. But if you let him go with others, you need to find peace in the notion that he will partake of their sacriments and subscribe to their beliefs.

  2. Mary Elizabeth Milek

    Contributor Level 15

    Answered . I believe they should have asked permission, but I don’t believe you have any recourse. Your son did this voluntarily. You let him go. They didn’t do anything that would endanger him. The courts don’t like cases based on religion and usually find any way they can to dismiss them.

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