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My sister was falsely Arrested on Cold check charge. Which is now on her record and causing issues with jobs. What can she do?

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She was arrested in the middle of the night and could not call county clerks office to verify payment. Therefore she was arrested that night and sent to jail. Next morning it was proven that she indeed paid. She was let out with just a court fine ($260) to pay at a later date. Then later she got another bill from the county clerks office state she must pay for the night she spent in jail($85). All this for a $7.89 checking error.

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If that is the extent of her criminal record (Class A misdemeanor) she should consult with a Kentucky attorney about expunging her record. Good Luck!

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You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer in your area to review the case and court records to attack the conviction and/or revisit it and attempt to get it dismissed and expunged.

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When did this happen? Expungement of this charge may be available. If any charge sought to be expunged was dismissed on record, her eligibility for expungement would be much sooner.

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She file for a expungement and they told her it was to early. That she had to wait 5 years. Which is not fair because it was their error not hers. T



This happen just last year.



She has nothing on her record other than traffic ticket. However, this causes problems for her college externship and working in a hospital setting because it come back on her record as theft.

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