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My sister-in-law was involved in domestic violence in TX. We were able to go get her and bring her to TN. Will she be able to

Hermitage, TN |
Filed under: Domestic violence

start divorce proceedings here or does she have to go back to TX. There is a protective order issued so that he can't be within 300 feet of her. The beating was severe....bruises on torso, arms, legs and 2 black eyes, and various cuts on her face. This just happened last week and she wants to start with divorce and custody issues ASAP. Thanks for info. on where we should start - TN or TX.

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It depends on how quickly she wants to be divorced. If her husband was CONVICTED for the abusive behavior in Texas, the can file in Texas immediately and probably get the 60 day waiting period waived (a new law as of 2009).

She can file in TN, but under TN law, if the actions that gave rise to the divorce (the beatings) took place in another state, then she has to live in TN for 6 months prior to filing for divorce there.

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