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My sister died leaving 6 kids i want to adopt the baby

Belchertown, MA |

I took two of the six kids a four year old with specail needs and the baby.I want to adopt the baby but can no longer handle the 4 year old but found a couple who can.Do i have to keep the 4 year old in order to adopt the baby.Dcf wants to keep all 6 of the kids together and is threatening to take the baby if i do not keep the 4 year old.please help.I have a adoption lawyer who says i can still adopt the baby .please help

The father of the baby is suppose to give up his rights tomorrow and i am the baby's perment legal gaurdain.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. If you are working with an attorney, you should pose this question to him or her. Good luck to you.

  2. I understand your anxiety in dealing with this issue, but the best source of information you have about this is your attorney. That person knows the details of the family, DCF's position, the requirements of the 4-year-old, the status of the other kids, etc. Since there are six children, who are obviously already split up if you have two of them, DCF wants the ideal situation, but cannot reasonably expect it to occur. Your attorney can work with DCF and with the judge to find proper and safe placements for all six kids. Work with and TRUST your attorney.

    Providing users with information is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. However, if in reading my response, you are interested in retaining me to represent you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  3. As Ms. Amarantes noted in her response, if you have an attorney you should ask him or her. You attorney should understand the details of your case and should be able to give you the advice you need. I hope you found my answer helpful.

  4. Please consult with your attorney.

    This is not legal advice until I am retained and have reviewed all facts about your situation.