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My roomate and I only have a verbal lease with our landlord, 3 weeks after we moved in my roomate moved her mom into the apt.

Glendale, AZ |

without talking to me about it and her mom tried telling me i couldnt have company over and got into a verbal dispute with me. I advised my roomate I would be moving out on the 1st of the month but then spoke with her a week before the first and advised i would stay the month of october but only pay a third of the rent bc her mom should have to pay the other half of that. She would not accept that so I advised her i would be out by sat. which was the 8th of the month she agreed. When i showed up to get my stuff saturday she had changed the locks and said i couldnt get my stuff until i paid her 79 dollars, is it illegal to break into my own home to get my property?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Speak with the landlord: the lock might be his/ her doing.
    If necessary, call the police.

  2. I agree. Go to the landlord before you do anything else. I would not advise breaking into the apartment because you will be risking a criminal violation.