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My roofing contractor ruined my house, what can I do?

Brown Deer, WI |

Hello, I hired roofing contractors to re-roof my house in Brown Deer, WI. They began Monday and had expected to finish today but didn't. They insisted I pay the balance anyways (regrettedly I did), and they were to come back tomorrow and finish. I awoke to the sound of running water to find it pouring into my bathroom ceiling. After further inspection, there are over two dozen leaks throughout the attic resulting in extensive water pooling and soaked insulation, as well as property damage in the attached garage. What to do?! Can't reach anyone after hours, it is storming, and I am at a loss for words. -Angela

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(1) Call the police and report a theft.

(2) If the police refuse to do their job and say it is a "civil matter" (they are only half right, they should enforce the laws) call the attorney general's office of consumer affairs.

(3) Call another roofer to do the job correctly, file a small claims court case, and have the second roofer come in and testify regarding their observations of the botch job.

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