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My rental unit, turned condo a couple years ago. My unit is in foreclosure, since my new landlord cannot pay. What should I do

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I was given a summons from the court yesterday, to which I must respond in 20 days. Some of the units in my community are still rentals and others are condos. This came as a surprise since I have been paying my rent to the new landlord on time each month. The staff in the office sent us a letter stating that we must now pay them the rent. What should be my course of action within the next 20 days in order to protect me and my family from eviction?

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You should be careful about paying rent to the rental office instead of the owner. They may be claiming that rent needs to be paid to them because the owner has not been paying condo dues. There may be other reasons for such as the condo conversion failed and the entire property is under the control of a bankruptcy trustee. I am just guessing possibilities. You should contact the rental office and request specific information detailing why payments should be made to them and not the owner. You should also contact the owner for written permission to begin making payments to the office staff. If you have a few months left on your lease, your lease will probably end before the condo is sold in a court auction. Foreclosure sales are taking much longer these days.

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