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My question is this, how long does dcf keep an investigation open?

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I am currently living in a hotel due to a recent move, that had complications. I am spending most of my days trying to find a perm. Home. I was watching my friends three kids while he worked and he qatched my baby while I worked. Well someone called the police one night saying I was beating the kids when they were banging on the wall in the bathroom. Next thing I know one day we are all taking a nap and dcf shows up at my door. They tell me that there has been a call saying I am beating these kids. I say come in take a look, you will have to wake them (whixh she did). wshe looked them all over and then left. She talked to dad and told him she heard me say if you don't listen to me I will smack you in the face. We were sleeping for a good bit before she knocked. What rights do I have?

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Unless DCF has filed a petition claiming the kids are dependent on the state, or you are charged with child neglect/abuse, there does not seem to be a legal issue here. Are you asking do you have grounds to sue someone?



I am just wondering what my rights are. I was never told I can't go around the kids. She left all three in my care when dcf left. But I am now being told if I don't do exactly what she says my daughter is gone. Do I need to sue? What do I need to do in order to protect my family?

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