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My question is my brother's power of attorney that was signed 2000, my special power of attorne was notarized in 1997 tax office

Savannah, GA |

In 2004 I was charged with a crime I did not commit. My charge was fraud of power of attorney, in San Diego County, now my question is I am looking for a attorney in the Savannah Ga, to state if this is a legal document, there is only mom signature, and 2 withness on this legal document. there is no notary or seal on this doucment. my husband and I iherited mom debts by my sibling, appointed me administrative of mom estate. which i did 38 mos forin prison. mom was diagnosed in 2001 with dementia and than it progress to alzheimers. I requested from the district attoney office a copy of my files. I was told this case is seal. and closed, and than I received a letter from my brother stating to me I better stop asking question about this case, get on with your life you did your time now move

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As you state that you have a prior criminal case in California related to this power of attorney, this may be better directed to California attorneys, esp. as it sounds like a good bit of the relevant substantive conduct related to your question occurred in that state. Keep in mind that as your past criminal case would potentially affect possible present enforcement of the provisions of the POA (even if the POA is a Ga POA), a Ga estates/probate attorney would likely be limited in what they could or could not advise. Good luck.

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Thank you for ur reply, I was told by a CA attorney to see if this this a legal document for the state of GA. I was charge in this case already. I was told in order for me to open this case up I need to know from a attorney in Ga. so I can open it up for Habea corpus, I was also told by the SAn diego, District office this matter is seal. and can't not be open. I ask why is that. I do know I was abuse in county jail by a Dr. and it is in writing. and I have suffer many attacks do to this. Thank u for ur reply.


It sounds to me like you are attempting to get a copy of your criminal file from California to see if there are documents relevant to an estate here in Georgia. To do that, you would need to talk to an attorney in California to determine whether or not the file is indeed sealed, and what would need to be done to unseal it. Post this question for a California attorney to answer, as only attorneys licensed in California can practice there.

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