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My question is, if your drafts/petitions are already notarized by someone to file, will the clerks at family court depute it ?

Charleston, SC |

turn you away cause they didn't notarized them?

To below: I did that hired two separate, now X attorneys, got nowhere closer in the courts, than if I had did nothing at all. My Petitions arent signed by any lawyers

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    The Clerk's should not dispute it, they will just make sure that you have the correct fee for filing, the proper form motion, if required, and assign a case number if one is not already assigned. The Clerks do not go through and read your documents typically, they are fulfilling the administrative aspect of registering documents, not making determinations of facts.

  2. Clerks cannot proved legal adv8ce

    Avvo does not allow attorneys to solicit nor is Avvo a substitute for legal counsel

    So, hire an attorney to set a plan

  3. The Clerk(s) should not dispute them. That is not what they are there for. If you have something notarized by a licensed notary, then that is all you have to worry about.