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My property was searched by the police and marijuana was found. They took many of our things that where not marijuana related.

Fort Bragg, CA |
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The main question I have is how can we be proactive on this case. At this point it seems we are just sitting around doing nothing. We have not had our first court date yet so not sure why they where on my property. We filed what ever the paperwork was to get the cars back but and the evidence not to be destroyed since it was our medicine. Our lawyer at this point seems to just be waiting and it is driving me nuts. I feel we should be proactive. Any ideas that I could pass to my lawyer we would be grateful for. Thanks

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  1. If you really need ideas that you can pass along to your attorney, you need a different lawyer representing you. The lawyer you have now should be your sole source of information and advice on the case. You are certainly free to do you own research to better understand your situation, but it would be inappropriate for another lawyer (such as one here) to give you advice on this matter. None of us have the information necessary to intelligently advise you about what steps to take. The defense of a criminal case is dependent upon a complete understanding of the surrounding facts and circumstances; the only lawyer on the planet who might be in that position is your current counsel. Discuss your concerns with him/her immediately. If you remain unsatisfied with the responses then you need to seek legal help elsewhere. Good luck.

  2. I suggest calling your attorney and demanding answers to your questions. If you're not happy with the answers or some other aspect of your attorney's service, you're free to fire them and hire another. Good luck.

  3. Lack of communication between the lawyer and their client is always a major complaint that we deal with. Sit down with your lawyer and simply ask what is going on. There may be a good reason why things seems to taking some time. For example, you haven't even had your first court date yet. Does your lawyer even have the police reports? Are there cell phone records, a search warrant or other necessary discovery he or she doesn't have? There is nothing wrong with being proactive but do you want a lawyer who is prepared or someone who will just go forward without all the necessary information? Then you'd be angry if they were not fully prepared on your case. If you have the public defender, maybe you want to consider hiring private counsel. I know that it may seem frustrating but sometimes the wheels of justice move slow. The fact that they seized your automobiles seems unusual but again none of us here have any facts other than what you have told us. Since this is a public forum, do not discuss the facts of your case on this site.

  4. Marijuana related? What does that mean? I have been dealing with dopers for almost 27 years as an attorney. I have seen wheel barrows and Tonka trucks confiscated. If you want to be "pro-active", pick up the phone and ask your attorney these questions.

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