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My property manager "lost" our lease. What are my rights?

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We originally rented our house with a solid lease for 12 months and would convert to a month to month on the 13th month. I was not comfortable with a month to month lease so my property manager furnished a new lease for 12 months and I signed that lease. He then routed that lease for the homeowners signature and provided me a copy of the lease (unsigned with dates) for me to have. On good faith, he was to provide me copy of the final lease. It has been 6 months and now the property manager has "lost" our lease and is reinstating our original lease that was for 12 months reverting to month to month. He refuses to give me another lease and actually wants me to leave in 30 days because he says I am in a month to month lease and it is his right to do so without reason. Need legal advice.

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There is good information for tenants facing eviction in Maine available on the website for Pine Tree Legal -- a nonprofit that provides legal assistance to low-income Maine residents. You should begin by reviewing their website ( as that outlines the steps a landlord must take before evicting you. In addition, assuming the facts as you describe to be true, you may be able to hold the property manager accountable for breach of an oral promise. Also, if the homeowners who are your landlord ACTUALLY signed the second lease, you can assert the terms of that lease in the Maine District Court when the landlord brings an eviction action against you.

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