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My probation officer violated me this is my second time. Whats going to happen to me?

Petersburg, VA |

I had moved to petersburg from Richmond cause I had no where to go. I didnt want my son to be out side in the cold so a friend of mine found me a place to stay with his friend. I have been doing everything to change my life around for the better and for my kids and now I get smacked in the face with this. I dont know what to do and I have 2years and 6months over my head I dont want to go to jail and loose my son he's all I have left. I have a daughter and been going through hell just to get her back been trying to do what they asked me to do to get her and now I cant. It feels like I'm looseing all hope I'm trying not to go back on drugs that I have been clean off of for 1 year and 5 months. My councler is standing by my side trying to help me through this and my thyripist for court

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Congratulations on your sobriety. Let me advise you that, as stressful as the situation might be, you must maintain your sobriety if you want to have a shot at getting past the second violation of probation. Contact a local criminal defense attorney and explain The circumstances of the violation and emphasize what you have been doing to stay sober.

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