My previous landlord is ignoring my emails and phone calls for utility charge for the new tenant. What can I do?

I moved out on 12/27 and the new tenant moved in on 12/30. The utility company wasn't able to transfer the bill until early January to the new tenant. However, the company did separate the bill after 12/27. I have emailed and called my previous landlord but he has been ignoring all my messages. What can I do?

San Diego, CA -

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Michelle J. Cameron-Hunsaker

Michelle J. Cameron-Hunsaker

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Diego, CA

From the facts as you've stated, you likely have no recourse against the landlord and you would need to either contact the utility company for a credit or the new tenant to recoup the amount owed, however, it is very unlikely you will receive reimbursement for this.

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