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My political Asylum was denied, I am still in status. Would this trigger any RFE for Future Adjustment of Status for I-485 ?

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My political Asylum was denied, I am still in status. Would this trigger any RFE for Future Adjustment of Status for I-485 for green card processing through employment.

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No, unlikely as the two applications are independent of each other.

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I highly doubt it. These are separate issues and as long as you maintain your status throughout the pendency of your applications, you should be fine.

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Typically no, unless there was fraud or other impropriety in relation to the Asylum application.

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It was denied because of inconsistency.

Jeff L. Khurgel

Jeff L. Khurgel


You should discuss this with an immigration attorney in a confidential consultation.


The answer depends on the basis for denial and whether there was a finding by the Immigration Judge (IJ) of a frivolous application. That can be answered only by reviewing your asylum application and the decision of the IJ. You should get yourself to an immigration attorney for a review of your file and an opinion based on a review of all the facts..

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