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My picture is being used in a brochure and website without my approval, and this makes them money... is this legal

Sweet Home, OR |

i want to kinow what kind of lawyer i would contact about this. A huge cruise company is using a picture of me and my friends to make money advertising their tour for 2 yrs. then now that tour is no longer running but they are using the picture to promote another tour. what do i do

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You have rights regarding the commercial use of your image without your permission and should consult with an attorney.

    My standard disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice, assume I do not know the law in your state and that I am just making suggestions for starting points for when you do speak with an attorney. Do NOT rely on anything I write and contact a lawyer in your area immediately after reading my posting.

  2. I agree with the previous response that, generally, the company should not be profiting off of your likeness (the photo). You may want to review any of the materials you signed, if any, before going on the cruise. (I'm assuming the cruise company got you picture from a previous cruise). Also, have you contacted the cruise company directly? That may be the easiest way to resolve the problem.

    *Of course, this isn't legal advice, and please don't consider it as such.*