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My paid parking receipt fell off window of car. Received a ticket. I have receipt showing that I paid on time. Help?!

Seattle, WA |
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I paid for parking downtown, but the receipt fell off my window and I got a ticket. What's the best way to deal with this? Can I just send in a copy of the receipt or do I have to go to court?


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I haven't seen a parking ticket in awhile, but if I remember correctly you should have the option of paying, admitting the infraction but requesting a court hearing to explain the circumstances, or denying the infraction and demanding a hearing to dispute the ticket. You should deny the infraction, demand a hearing, and submit a letter to the court with a copy of your receipt proving that you paid for parking at the time in question and ask that the citation be dismissed. You will most likely either get a notice of hearing date (in which case you will have to appear in court to dispute the ticket), or a notice that the citation has been dismissed based on your receipt showing you paid for parking (in which case you won't have to go to court). Good luck!

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