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My non-traffic infraction came in the mail and says I need to attend traffic school to avoid my insurance from increasing.

Bakersfield, CA |

I received a non-traffic infraction for California H&S Code Section 11357 " Possession of Marijuana under an ounce. When I received my ticket in the mail, it appears to be attached to my driving record and says I must attend traffic school. Why is that?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. I think you just answered your own question; to keep your insurance from increasing.

  2. Something doesn't sound right. What does the possession have to do with driving. It is possible that you got a form type correspondence. Even when you are charged with a traffic violation, traffic school isn't necessary until the time of conviction. You should consult an attorney to review any paperwork and advise you on the best course of action

  3. This does not sound right- however if the court ordered it, go to traffic school. Have an attorney review the papers you received.