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My Niece was taken out of my sisters custody in Sheboygan, WI how can I get temporary or permanent custody?

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She is currently living with a old friend of my sisters, my sister has dropped her off at this ladys house and the lady wants to adopt my niece so she called social services and currently has temporary placement of my niece, which I feel is wrong. I am her family and she should be placed with me since this lady is not family and has no legal rights to my niece. I dont know what to do. I am military and that is why I live in MD. I want to file for a petition to get my niece while they sort things out. THis lady has her calling her mom and her husband dad, I think this is will seriosuly mess with my neice (who is 7). How is this even allowed? Do I have any say in this placement/custody battle? JAG stated I shoudl get a lawyer however I cannot afford one....

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I understand your concern. But if your niece has been living in Wisconsin it sounds like that is where the question must be answered. The state where she has been living has jurisdiction. If she had been living in Maryland and moved to Wisconsin within the past 6 months, that would be different. Try to locate pro bono legal services in Wisconsin to assist you.

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Thank you. I wasn't sure where I would need to go the state I live in if I am fighting or the state she is being held in. I posted the same question under WI. I appreciate your fast response!

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