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My niece is accusing me of tricking her into letting me put my penis in her mouth for a second.

Tallmadge, OH |
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my mom and sister are always talking about it and they are saying that the only reason that im not in jail is because she isnt saying anything. so what i wanna know is if thats true or not? ive never been contacted by any law enforcement or anyone about it and my family officialy accused me of it 4 years ago, the time frame of when she says it happpend was when my mom lived in her old house that caught on fire which was when i was 15. my niece is now 13 and im 23 so it sopposedly happend 8 years ago, can you give me some advice?

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You have not been charged with a crime. Do not discuss the facts of this case over the internet, and contact an attorney if you want to discuss situation. These are very serious allegations.

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YOU NEED TO CONSULT WITH AND/OR HIRE A LAWYER IMMEDIATELY. Sex offense allegations involving children are very serious and have dire consequences including prison and sex offender registration. The fact it allegedly happened 8 years ago doesn't matter. You can still be prosecuted now, just like Jerry Sandusky from Penn State (Football). If this "allegation" is ever reported to any police department or other government agency, they are required by law to open up an investigation into the matter, which will involve contacting you to discuss the matter. YOU NEED TO HIRE A LAWYER TO HELP YOU DECIDE HOW TO HANDLE THIS IF/WHEN IT EVER HAPPENS. The biggest mistake people make is talking to and/or hiring a lawyer AFTER they talk to the Police. DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE OR ANY OF THE AUTHORITIES WITHOUT YOUR LAWYER. DOING SO MAY BE DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. This is not a "minor" situation or allegation. It is very serious and has very serious potential consequences. Good luck!

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Go into therapy. If it's true it will have very serious concequences for your niece when she starts to remember. Most victims of child sexual abuse repress what happens for years and don't remember until they are adults. It can mess up their whole life though. I hope she gets therapy and you as well.

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