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My New Jersey driver's license is suspended in Pennsylvania. Can I still drive in New Jersey?

Blackwood, NJ |

I got 2 DUIs back in 2012 in PA, with a NJ drivers license. My license has been suspended since August 2012 in PA, however my NJ license is still valid and in good standing in NJ. My suspension ends in late October of this year. Am I supposed to report this to NJ? My only other concern is my license expires the end of May, do I need to inform them that is suspended in PA? Or what are the repercussions if I say it is not suspended in any other state?

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  1. NO, you don't have to self-report. If PA reports it, NJ will suspend you. Until that happens, you're not suspended and you can drive everywhere except PA. When you renew, it would not ask if your license is suspended in any other state because you are renewing a NJ license. That is different than applying for a new license. If for some reason the question about driving privileges being suspended in another state comes up you must answer honestly.

  2. Are you sure New Jersey has not suspended you? Pennsylvania is a signatory to the interstate compact and ordinarily would contact New Jersey. It may be that you have moved and simply haven't gotten the suspension letter. Go get a copy of your New Jersey drivers abstract so that you can check and be 100% certain that you not been suspended.

  3. Answer: On your NJ renewal application, if you are asked about your divising privileges in another state, you are required to answer the question truthfully. Just because there seems to be a glitch in the reporting between PA and NJ does not mean that you are allowed to hide the truth if asked. Depending on several factors, your failure to disclose or affirmatively hide your PA license status could result in criminal prosecution here in New Jersey.

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  4. First of all it depends on what you were convicted of specifically in PA. Maybe you received ARD for one of the two offenses. You have to answer the questions on the NJDMV renewal honestly and accurately. It is an official document and any falsehoods could result in indictable criminal charges as well and lying on an licensure application.

  5. Generally, when one state suspends your driving privileges, you will also be suspended in your home-state. Do not take anything for granted. Contact the DOT/DMV in both NJ and PA and verify your license status. If you are picked up for driving with a suspended license, you may face additional criminal prosecution and further suspension time.

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