My nephew owes 20 thousand plus in back child support. State of Texas. Who will get the monies when it is paid?

His ex-wife is getting medical and food stamps for the child and has been for his entire life. Will the monies go to the state or to the mother of the child?

Fort Worth, TX -

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Germaine J Tanner

Germaine J Tanner

Family Law Attorney - Houston, TX

If the entire $20,000 is owed to the State because she received state assistance, then it all goes to the state. If a portion of the $20,000 is owed to the state, then some goes to mother and some goes to the state. If none is owed to the state, then the entire amount goes to the mother. It's my understanding the mother gets her portion first and the state last.

Vicki Elaine Wiley

Vicki Elaine Wiley

Family Law Attorney - Fort Worth, TX

Most likely some of it will go to he mom & some will go to the state to repay part of what was spent on medical expenses and food stamps.

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