My neighbors dog bite my dog. How do i notify them to pay the bill or i will take them to small claims court.

My neighbors dog bite my dog. My neighbors dog jumped my fence late at night i let my dogs out not knowing and not being able to see the German Shepard in my yard i walked back inside after letting the dogs out, (3 chihuahuas). I heard yelping barking etc. I walked outside to see if my dog had gotten under the fence again because my neighbors dogs push the fence and the logs i have by my fence to keep my dogs from getting under there. Well he bite one of my dogs on her hind end when my dogs had previously gotten into my neighbors yard he had bitten my other dog. I have notified them "facebook" about the vet bill they are liable for. She had read it and no response. Can i send them a letter stating if the vet bill is not paid for i will take them to small claims court?

Spring Hill, FL -

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Lars A. Lundeen

Lars A. Lundeen

Personal Injury Lawyer - Rutland, VT

Your posting is a little confusing as to where this incident took place. Are you referring to when your dog got out and apparently was off your property and was bitten? Or, are you talking about a bite that occurred on your fenced property after the neighbor's dog broke in?

Assuming your dogs were attacked on your property, make a claim against your neighbor's homeowners or renters insurance company. Ask for the name of the company and call them and make a claim and get a claim number.

If your neighbors are uncooperative in providing the information, you certainly are free to drag them into Small Claims Court and attempt to get coverage information or, by that point, your neighbors may call their carrier and ask their carrier to defend them. If there is no liability coverage, you will have to seek recovery directly from the owners or harbors of the dog.

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Keith G Langer

Keith G Langer

Animal Law Attorney - Wrentham, MA

1. Your post is extremely confusing as to what happened, when and where.

2. Facebook is hardly a documented demand letter. Notice should be by certified mail/retrun receipt, and include copies of all bills.

3. If your dogs are in your neighbor's yard, YOU are the negligent party.

4. The neighbor's dog in your yard, attacking your dogs, should have been reported to Animal Control.

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Keith Patrick Ligori

Keith Patrick Ligori

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Tampa, FL

You must notify animal services. Ask for their home owners insurance by sending them a letter. Good luck.

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Report it to homeowners insurance company to resolve.

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