My neighbor sent me a certified letter that he intends to install 'a line fence where our properties meet at the back line of my

property'. He does not have my permission to do this, and I believe it would mean I own half the fence but would not have to maintain it. It would inconvenience my maintenance of my property, mowing around the Leylands close to the back line, and I would have to deal with the fence. He also falsely claims that the Leylands are on his property and is threatening to damage them. I have had many problems with this person.

Boones Mill, VA -

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Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Bankruptcy Attorney - Glen Allen, VA

Make sure that you have a current survey showing where the property line is. If this neighbor damages your property or puts his fence on your property, you can sue to have the fence removed and your property restored. If he installs the fence on the property line (but not over), then it is his fence and he must maintain it. Your convenience does not matter.

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